The Story


 Let me live, love and say it well in good sentences.

—Sylvia Plath

I’m Jennifer Hemphill Tatroe, the “J.H. Tatroe” behind the logo, and the hands behind these handmade flowers. I’m a huge book nerd, who majored in English in college, with vague plans to become the next Sylvia Plath when I graduated. Things didn’t end so well for Sylvia, but they’ve been good for me. I did a stint in the publishing industry, fell in love, moved across the country, got married, had a son, and published a few things along the way. 

In 2010, I responded to a call for “art volunteers” at my son’s elementary school in Kent, Washington. At that time, the school had no art room, no art teacher, no visual arts education at all for students. The call, it turned out, was for parents willing to be trained so they could actually teach art, on a voluntary basis, to full classrooms.

I did it. I’d like to think it made a difference in the kids’ lives, but they certainly made a difference in mine because, seeing those kids cut and paste and paint and draw, I started to truly believe that everyone is an artist. Including me.

With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?

—Oscar Wilde

I’m passionate about arts education—especially visual and literary arts—and donate regularly to local libraries and organizations like National Novel Writing Month, which promotes creative writing programs for all ages.  Our society is (for some quite valid reasons) placing increasing emphasis on science and technology, but I believe it’s equally important to make room for magic. 

I believe in the magic of moments.

I believe in daffodils in March and tulips in May, peonies in June, and dahlias in August. I believe in fresh-baked bread and green vegetables, roasted to perfection. I believe in board games and musicals and movies and books, created with love and consumed with passion. I believe in coffee with friends and coffee alone. I believe in the connections between people and I believe in the power of solitude.

I value beauty and creation, slowing down, savoring life, and tuning into the true wonder of the words and images that fill our lives.

J.H. Tatroe is about honoring the magic in our days, and sharing that with others. I make my items to add beauty to your celebrations, to remind you of how art connects us, and to make everyday moments feel as special as they truly are.

 ...your whole presentation and packaging make the order, and thus me, feel very special. I love it!

—Lisa (Winnipeg, Manitoba)


 I am so excited to use these pieces in the centerpieces at our wedding. This is the second time I've ordered from Jennifer, and once again, not only are the items themselves beautiful, but even the packaging is beautiful. She is an amazingly talented artisan, and her attention to every detail is beyond compare.

—Maggi (Phoenixville, Pennsylvania) 



I cannot speak highly enough of this shop owner's art, customer service, and character. Thank you so much.

—Alexis (Somerville, Massachusetts)