About California

My life is changing. Or, to be more accurate, my life has changed.

Sometime over the summer, my husband, Kevin, saw a job listing so suited to his unique qualifications that it might have been written just for him. He’s an app developer, who has been working in live sports streaming for the past several years, and this job was in that exact field. Except at a higher level. For a bigger company. A company he’d only dreamed of working for. A company I guarantee you’ve heard of.

He applied, even though the job was in California and we live in Colorado. It doesn’t hurt to apply, right?

And then he got it.

Cue several intense discussions and a lot of tears, some panic attacks, and even more tears. We have an almost-18-year-old son who’s currently a senior in high school, so it wasn’t a great time for a major change. But then, it wasn’t the worst time either. With kiddo just a year away from college, and us already planning to do something to limit Kevin’s long, daily commute, we made the decision not to pass up opportunity. He took the job in California, and kiddo and I stayed in Colorado to see out the school year.

It’s not ideal, but it’s the best solution we could come up with. We’re all living the year in transition with an apartment in Burbank and our house here in Windsor. We’re racking up a lot of frequent flyer miles. And…thank goodness for FaceTime!

This summer, we’ll be packing up and moving to southern California for real, which is a whole ‘nother story. I love Colorado, and feel a little heartsick at the thought of leaving it. I’ll probably be writing and talking about the transition quite a bit over the next few months. This move is different than any I’ve done before—it’s more exciting and more terrifying, heart-wrenching and full of new possibilities. 

Life is changing, but then, I guess, it always is.